Your July Gardening To-Do-List

Your July Gardening To-Do-List

After a few months stuck indoors with lockdown, we are all itching to get outdoors and the garden is the best escape! While we may still need to social distance, midday in the Highveld can be very pleasant and sunny so we can get off the couch and get digging in the garden!

Garden To-Do-List

  • Your July gardening tasks include protecting your green growers from frost. Ensure that tender plants are well protected by covering with frost cover on those colder nights.
  • Winter is the best time to consider transplanting roses, so if you have been looking to move things around in the garden or repot a particular rose bush, now is the time.
  • July calls for pruning. Towards the end of the month you will have to look at pruning your roses. You want to treat bare stems with an insecticide cocktail to get rid of any creepy crawlies this time of year. You also may want to feed your roses and mulch the top layer.
  • Your fruit trees (all except your peaches) and autumn flowering climbers will also need to be pruned during the dormant season to cut back the dead ends this month.
  • Take the opportunity with lockdown to remove any weeds that pop through the lawn. This will help keep it more manageable for the next season. 
  • Winter means that food is in scarce supply for our feathered friends so be sure to fill up the bird feeders & keep the bird baths topped up with clean water. 
  • If the weather allows, be sure to spend some time in the veggie garden prepping the beds for your spring vegetables. Be sure to enrich the soil and add nitrogen to it with manure or a thick layer of compost. 
  • Since we know winter brings drastic temperature changes and the soil is vulnerable to these changes, mulching is the only way to protect the soil and subsequently your plants from the drastic temperature drop.
  • For your vegetable garden in July, you are going to want to water weekly and add fertilisers to your leafy veg and herbs. This will keep them going for the rest of the season so you can harvest often.

What to Plant

  • Add some pops of colour with winter annuals like Violas, Pansies, Primroses, Petunias and Calendula this month. 
  • Winter is the best time to plant roses. Both rose bushes and trees can be planted now to give enough time to settle before their beautiful blooms expected next autumn.
  • During July we are also planting deciduous trees, like maples and birches, allowing them time to settle into the garden while they are still in their dormant state.

What to Sow

  • While it’s still chilly outside, root crops, brassicas, leaf crops (spinach, lettuce and mustard greens) and peas will all do well planted now
  • Winter seeds are available at 4 Seasons so be sure to check what’s in stock – your body would enjoy a bit of fresh air and gardening is good for the soul!

Too chilly outside? Bring the greenery indoors with indoor plants! Since many indoor plants are known purifiers, you’ll enjoy them while you stay home in lockdown. Be sure to check the indoor plants available at 4 Seasons & stay safe!