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4 Seasons was started in 1989 in Smit street Heidelberg, with a love for gardening and a great green-thumb. With only two staff members by her side, Lynette and Amos,  single-mom, Nicol managed to grow her nursery – physically and literally. Thereafter, Nicol saw the potential to expand and bought a barren stand in Jordaan street, equipped with what resembled a building. What stood in the wake of a fire was a few walls, tons of rubble and a foundation of a building, which was built from the ground up and transformed into what you now know as 4 Seasons Garden & Lifestyle Center. The building was reconstructed, a borehole was drilled, shade-domes were erected, a home was built and a garden was filled.

With the help of eager gardeners Karen, Lynette and Amos, 4 Seasons Garden & Lifestyle Center grew and so did the workload. Daniel (the son of Nicol’s personal gardener) and Lucas were hired to help with the watering and maintaining of the now large garden center, and still work at 4 Seasons to this day.

With the need for a Coffee-Shop-meets-Tea-Garden, Nicol fashioned Crazy Daisy Coffee Shop out of nothing but a kitchen. Although the coffee shop has been through various names, logos and menus since it’s birth in 2004 , this remains a part of the center. Knowing the mothers in Heidelberg, she wanted to to create a space for children to play while parents could enjoy a cappuccino without a care in the world, thus the Children’s Garden has been a key priority for us ever-since.

In 2005, Nicol and Steve eagerly wanted to add a unique river through the garden center, which later lead to the ponds of said river being filled with immaculate Koi fish. Steve and Nicole’s joined Koi fish hobby – or obsession – clearly got out hand and lead to 4 Seasons Garden & Lifestyle Center being the largest Koi fish farm in Heidelberg with over 200 Koi.

In 2008 Nicol and her husband Steve envisioned a banquet hall after hosting a petite wedding of dear friends within the cosy walls of Crazy Daisy Coffee Shop. A place for weddings, conferences and other functions was needed in Heidelberg, so the idea was brought to life and the Secret Garden’s Venue was established.

Anyone who knows Nicol knows she has a knack for all things creative and once she get’s going, nothing can stop her. She has submerged herself in countless hobbies and DIY crafts which can be recognised all over 4 Seasons Garden & Lifestyle Centre. Within the Lifestyle center you can find mosaic, pottery, crochet, embroidery, wood work, laser cutting and vinyl cuts, which have recently brought about the emergence of a single craft label, White Cat Creations.

Aside from her artsy side, Nicol has become passionate about the breeding of quality show rabbits. Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Rexes and Mini Rexes are her main fluffy-loves and make fabulous house-pets. You can visit tons of fluffy bunnies in the Children’s Garden, and make a visit to the rabbitry if you find yourself interested in adding a new fuzzy member to the family.