Your August Gardening To-Do-List

Your August Gardening To-Do-List

Winter has felt extra long this year around, and with lockdown still in effect, we’re all keen to get outside and into the sun. While it may still be a tad chilly outside, Spring is almost here – so let’s prepare for it!

Garden To-Do-List

  • After winter, the soil will need to be spruced up before you plant anything new in the gaps. Do a soil test and feed the soil with the nutrients that are missing. You can then use an organic fertiliser and compost to pep up the soil and enhance drainage for new plants
  • Your roses can also still be pruned until mid August, and be sure to fertilise with 3:1:5 and water well after!
  • You will also need to revive the lawn. You can do this with a low cut, firm raking, spiking, generous layer of lawn fertiliser, levelling out and covering with a nutritious blanket of organic lawn dressing. 
  • Your citrus trees should be fertilised now with 3:1:5 while your autumn fruiting berry bushes should be cut back now.
  • For many gardeners, winter has left the garden in need of some serious TLC, and now is the time to spruce up the garden. Have a good look at your garden and assess what has survived the winter and what hasn’t. 
  • Since there is still a chance we could have another cold spell, be cautious with removing frost cover from tender plants.
  • Next you’ll need to do some clean up. Remove the plants that haven’t survived the winter, clear away debris and compost fallen leaves. For spring you will also want to check your gardening tools, clean them up and replace any ones that have gotten too rusty. Spring calls for a fresh start.
  • August is the perfect time to tidy up and prune your shrubs and climbers. Be sure to cut back dead branches and frost damage on your Hydrangeas, Hibiscus and Wisterias. Don’t forget to mulch after pruning with a thick layer of compost.

What to Plant

  • Be sure to give a nice dose of 2:3:2 fertiliser to all beds, new plantings and pruned plants to promote strong new growth. 
  • Summer-flowering pansies and violas will be in, and dianthus, petunias, lobelias, begonias, gazanias, and marigolds can be planted now and fed to flower till late summer. You can also plant typical spring daisies right about now to give the garden the pop of colour it so desperately needs.
  • In August the  weather is sort of chilly, but a little unpredictable. You can however plant begonias, primulas, calendulas, poppies and snapdragon seedlings for flowering in spring. 
  • Lavender should also be planted now and all sorts can be found at 4 Seasons. 

What to Sow

  • Be sure to attract the birds and bees back to your garden this Autumn by filling your bird feeder and cleaning out the bird bath with fresh water. You can also plant fynbos plants such as pincushion, buchu, wax flower and erica to attract bees and butterflies in Spring. 
  • Summer flowering bulbs such as cannas, dahlias, gladiolus, golden arum, nerines, spider lilies, tigridia, and watsonias should hit the shelves at the end of August, so be sure to grab them and some 3:1:5 to feed them!
  • While its still chilly outside, sow your spring vegetables in your hothouse.  Nasturtiums, Italian parsley, spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, rocket, carrots, beetroot, radish, beans, sweet peppers, tomatoes and celery seeds can all be on your list this month.

If you’re in need of a complete revamp but aren’t sure how to go about it, chat to one of the gardeners at 4 Seasons to help you, or better yet, book Nicol to come have a look at your garden and help you plan.