Holiday getaway checklist 

The holiday season is upon us and while you are excitedly planning your vacation, don’t forget about your garden! Before you leave for your holiday, be sure to:

  1. Ensure your garden is well watered by asking someone to check in and water your plants or set the timer on your irrigation system and make sure its in good working order.
  2. Move plants in pots and hanging baskets out of direct sun and group them together in a semi-shaded spot so that watering is easier.
  3. Mow your lawn and water it well the day before you leave. Postpone feeding your lawn until you return.
  4. Mix water absorbent crystals or cubes into the potting soil of containers and hanging baskets to improve water retention so that you can water less often. 
  5. Mulch flowerbeds or plant ground covers to keep moisture in the soil during this hot month and the rest of summer. 
  6. Mulching may also help prevent weeds from growing too fast.
  7. Encourage new growth while you’re away by deadheading your flowering plants.
  8. Pay special attention to areas of the garden that receive less rain, e.g. under eaves and against high walls.
  9. With this drought, now is the perfect time to take advantage of summer rainfall so get yourself a rainwater tank save rainwater for the garden.
  10. You should move your smaller houseplants from their sunny windowsills onto a damp towel in your sink or bath to keep them moist while you’re away.
  11. You can keep large indoor plants moist with a 2litre cool drink bottle. Simply fill it with water, close it, then pierce a small hole in the lid and place it neck-down into the soil to provide your plant with a slow and steady supply of water.
  12. Pack all gardening tools and outdoor furniture away to make sure they stay clean and safe from strong weather or theft.

With these simple gardening tips you are sure to be rewarded with a happy garden on you return!