Your December Gardening To-Do-List

Staying home for the festive season? Get ready to celebrate summer and spruce up your garden for summer entertaining!

Garden To-Do-List

  • Make sure to feed garden beds every six weeks with an organic fertiliser. 
  • Make sure to cut your lawn slightly longer to protect the roots against heat and dry winds during December. 
  • Fertilise your lawns with a 7:1:3 fertiliser and water very well before and after.
  • Be sure to weed regularly before weeds go to seed. Also add a thick layer of mulch – this will help suppress weeds.
  • Spread a layer of compost throughout your garden to condition your soil and create a layer of mulch. This will help to keep the roots of the plants cool and retain moisture – especially useful for when you are going away and won’t be able to water regularly. 
  • Cut dead head roses from your rose bushes and fertilise them with 3:1:5. 
  • Depending on rain, water your roses thoroughly 3 times per week and spray them fortnightly against fungal infestations and aphids. 
  • Be sure to clean out and top up your birdbaths for your feathered friends more regularly now that its summer. 
  • Be sure to look out for the common garden pests that may plague your garden in December such as lily borer, whiteflies and mealybugs.
  • Christmas beetles are back – so watch for lacy leaves on your roses! Since they they burrow into the soil around the plants during the day it may be beneficial to spray the soil with an organic insecticide.

Poinsettias are back! These bright and cheerful plants make the perfect Christmas table centrepiece, but they can also be planted in the garden in a semi-shade area – lasting long after the festive season! Be sure to place yours in position that receives at least six hours of indirect light each day and only water when soil is dry!

What to Plant

  • Zinnia, marigolds, portulaca, alyssum, impatiens, begonia, coleus, dahlias, and petunias would look gorgeous in hanging pots!
  • Rosemary, thyme and chives can be planted now and if you plant them early they can be incorporated into your summer cooking. 
  • Plant coleus, impatiens and lavender this time of year to bring colour to garden beds.
  • Bougainvilleas can be planted this time of year and these beautiful masses are available in various sizes and colours, and they can withstand intense heat and will survive infrequent watering.
  • Fill the shady areas of your garden and your stoep with Impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus, Begonias and Hypoestes. 
  • Gaps in the sunny areas of your garden can be filled with Dianthus, Lobelias, Petunias, Salvias, Celosias, Marigolds, Gazanias, Zinnias and Alyssum. 
  • Plant ground covers during the summer season to help retain moisture and decrease evaporation in your beds.

What to Sow

  • Sow peppers, tomatoes and carrots now for season-long fresh supply. 

Eager to entertain? Create evening ambience for summer entertaining by adding solar lights in pathways, or romantic fairy lights in your trees near the braai!

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