Our favourite groundcovers

Groundcovers make an incredible impact in the garden, filling bare spots in the beds and in containers. If chosen wisely, ground covers can be low maintenance, smothering weeds, keeping the soil cool and reducing evaporation for other plants.

Here are a few groundcovers we particularly love:

    1. Campanula – this groundcover is dense and fast growing, creating a blanket of flowers and foliage in the garden. Campanula is perfect for edging or in rock gardens and works well on banks and slopes that are otherwise tricky to plant in. They enjoy sunny or partially shaded areas with well draining soil.
    2. Gazania – these are evergreen perennials with large flowers. They have a bushy foliage mat with bright green leaves and flowers that bloom profusely in late spring and early summer. Gazanias are low maintenance, easy to grow and ideal for sun-baked pots with dry soil where most plants wouldn’t cope.
    1. Bellis perennis – this groundcover is known by its pompom like double flowers in shades of red, pink or white that bloom in spring and summer. They are self-seeders and enjoy full sun or partly shady areas. They are popular in beds and containers 
    2. Creeping Jenny – this groundcover is a low-growing evergreen perennial that covers with trailing stems with heart-shaped leaves in either light or dark green. It blooms in midsummer with bright yellow blossoms and looks gorgeous in containers, hanging baskets or rock gardens. 
    3. Astilbe Diamond – with many white flowers held on graceful, long and slender stems, this plant makes an excellent groundcover. It has fern-like foliage and densely packed flowers that bloom white in early to mid summer changing to a caramel colour in winter. This plant is shade tolerant and attracts butterflies! 
    4. Clematis Viola – these hardy and fast growing plants are great groundcovers. With a deciduous vine, bright green leaves and velvety purple flowers blooming in mid summer – early autumn, violas are ideal for a trellis, wall, fence or groundcover if trimmed back. This plant loves well-drained soil in full sun or part shade areas. 
    5. Mentha Corsican mint – this fragrant mint variety makes a great groundcover. With small green leaves and clusters of light purple flowers, this is refreshing as a groundcover or between pavers as it releases fragrance when crushed. This plant loves semi-shade and is a great insect repellent perfect for ridding mosquitoes. 

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