Your June Gardening To-Do-List

Winter is officially here but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend a little time in the garden getting fresh air and soaking up the midday Gauteng warmth. Here’s your gardening to-do-list for the month ahead.

Garden To-Do-List

  • Of course now is the time for first cover. Cover all your tender plants from the frost – this includes tender climbers, young citrus trees and your bonsai!
  • You can also feed your plants with an organic 2:3:2 fertiliser to stimulate healthy strong growth as well as flower and fruit formation. 
  • Be sure to spread a thick layer of mulch in your plant beds this month to protect roots against the cold.
  • You can feed your winter annuals with a liquid fertiliser every second week during June. 
  • During this month you should regularly deadhead flowering plants to prolong their flowering time.
  • You can plant new rose bushes or transplant existing roses now if necessary. Also be sure to deadhead any roses now, and water once a week.
  • You can now cut down on watering. Water in the morning to allow the soil to warm up and absorb most of the water by the later afternoon. Your lawn should only need a good watering every 2-3 weeks. Camellias, Azaleas and Magnolias can be watered weekly.  
  • During June you can feed your bulbs with a liquid fertiliser or bulb food fortnightly. Be sure to water deeply once a week and check for aphids. 
  • Now is the time to tie your sweet peas to trellises at regular intervals. Also be sure to nip any side shoots and pick blooms frequently to encourage more flowers.
  • You can also clip back on grasses like Muhlenbergia, Pennisetum, Miscanthus and Aristida this time of year.
  • You can plant new rose bushes or transplant existing roses now if necessary. Also be sure to deadhead any roses now, and water once a week.
  • You can cut back on watering your indoor plants and feed flowering indoor plants fortnightly with a liquid fertilizer. 
  • Water winter veg once a week and feed monthly with an organic 6:3:4 or liquid fertiliser. 
  • It’s now also the best time to harvest winter veggies such as leeks, carrots, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, cabbage and peas.
  • Don’t forget to feed birds & provide them with fresh water. Have few birds visiting your garden? Its easy to attract more feathered friends to your garden during winter since food is scarce – be sure to add a bird feeder to your garden, we have tons to choose from at 4 Seasons!

While we may be in lockdown over Father’s Day, you can still spoil him with some nifty gardening tools, an indoor plant for his office or a gift voucher from 4 Seasons for all the gardening he wants to do in winter! 

What to Plant

  • Be sure to plant some instant colour into your beds with winter seedlings such as Gazanias, Pansies, and Primroses and colourful kale in purple, pink, green and cream – they are especially striking if planted en masse along borders.
  • If you are looking to add some colour to your garden this winter, dainty Cyclamen should be flowering now – boasting pink, red and white, it will add colour and warmth indoors or outside on a well-protected patio.
  • In the veggie garden you can still plant Swiss chard, peas, chives, leeks, onions, rocket and spring onion seedlings in June.
  • Asian greens, mustard and winter lettuces in window boxes, pots and planters near the kitchen or on a sunny windowsill would be ideal to supply you with fresh salad greens near the home!
  • You can also plant winter annuals like Calendula, Violas, Pansies, Petunias and Dianthus with your veggies in the patch, pots or planters to repel insects.
  • Add colour to your garden with winter-flowering plants such as pansies, stocks, dianthus, petunia and daffodils.
  • Fynbos like pincushions and ericas should also be a colourful add to your winter garden.
  • Shady areas? Plant lobelia, primula and foxgloves this June.
  • Be sure to refresh your veggie garden with new cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, onions, celery and globe artichoke plants.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page (@4SeasonsGardenCentre) for specials we will be running this month! Rest assured our staff are practicing good hygiene and will be wearing masks. Hand sanitiser will be readily available for clients who choose to visit the nursery and should you wish to pick up a few things – send your list to us via WhatsApp and we’ll get it ready for pick-up and bring a sanitised card machine to your car!