Your May Gardening To-Do-List

With the gorgeous autumn colours coming into the gardens in May and the level 4 lockdown for Covid-19, this helpful gardening to-do-list will help you get out into the garden, gat all your gardening chores done & ensure your garden survives the cold winter ahead!

Garden To-Do-List

  • Water your lawn twice a week during May to keep it green for a little while longer. Also be sure to use 2:3:2 fertiliser to encourage root development. 
  • Now is the time to keep your conifers neat & tidy so be sure to give them a gentle prune this month. 
  • Feed existing plants with a high-nitrogen fertiliser this month.
  • Be sure to water shrubs and plants with shallow root systems, like annuals and bulbs as well as azaleas and camellias when dry. 
  • You can take cuttings from your fuchsias, heliotrope and daisy bushes or any soft sappy plants like impatiens and plectranthus this month and grow them in your hothouse.
  • Encourage rejuvenation of your evergreen fruit trees by pruning their branches this May. 
  • Sweet peas and leafy cool-weather vegetables like broccoli and cabbage can be given a high-nitrogen fertiliser when you plant them.
  • In May you can lay down thick mulch around frost susceptible plants to insulate the roots. 
  • Clean up under hedges; clear out gutters and drains; rake up fallen leaf litter and other debris; loosen the soil to expose insect pests which may be sheltering there.
  • During May you can collect the last of your fallen leaves in the garden as light layers of mulch around plants, to add in thin layers to your compost heap, or to make leaf mould, by stacking them in plastic bags to rot down. 
  • By the end of the month you can start putting out your frost cover – by the time June arrives, hardy frost is on the cards.

While we may in level 4 lockdown over Mother’s Day, you can still spoil your mom with a gift that grows from the nursery! If you’re really struggling with a gift – get her a voucher from 4 Seasons for all the gardening things she needs this winter! 

What to Plant

  • In the veggie garden you can now plant seedlings such as  spinach, peas, broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage varieties, kale and lettuce – and be sure to check our veggie garden started pack on special this month! 
  • You can bring birds to your garden by planting strelizias, salvias and grassy carex, pincushions, ericas and aloes!
  • Iceland poppies, foxglove, dianthus, delphiniums, primulas, violas, pansies, tulips and cyclamens can all be planted in May. 
  • Agapanthus and yellow wild irises are great self-sufficient perennials to plant in your garden for the winter ahead. 
  • You can brighten up the shady and dull areas in your garden by planting ‘Mona Lavender’ as well as perennial and bedding begonias.

What to Sow

  • Keen to start a veggie garden from scratch? You can sow rows of carrot, leek and beetroot seeds in May too. Be sure to keep an eye out for our seed starter pack special this month! 
  • You should sow some wild grass seed somewhere in your garden during May to encourage birds in winter. Be sure to ask Nicol which seed mixes are available!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page (@4SeasonsGardenCentre) for specials we will be running this month! Rest assured our staff are practicing good hygiene and will be wearing masks. Hand sanitiser will be readily available for clients who choose to visit the nursery and should you wish to pick up a few things – send your list to us via WhatsApp and we’ll get it ready for pick-up and bring a sanitised card machine to your car!