Your April Gardening To-Do-List

While you may have cabin fever, the lockdown is a great opportunity to get into the garden and tick off all those things you have been wanting to do for ages!

Garden To-Do-List

  • Pruning hedges, deadheading roses and recycling garden waste should all be at top of the gardening agenda during this month!
  • Mulch to conserve water, reduce weed growth and keep the soil warmer.
  • Be sure to support your lemon trees with magnesium sulphate and check them and your other citrus trees for psylla and treat as needed. 
  • Deadhead your roses to encourage more flowering into the cooler months. 
  • Watch out for Black Spot and Powdery Mildew on your roses and add a balanced fertilizer to curb the natural start of dormancy in your roses and ensure future flowering in Winter.
  • You can feed your lawn with a potassium-rich fertiliser to build harness for the cooler months to come. 
  • Spike your lawn to lift compacted soil before winter comes around. 
  • Be sure to prune your hedges while you have some time on your hands at home!
  • Give your acid-loving plants like camellias, azaleas and gardenias some acid compost this month.
  • Since many succulents will start to flower in the next few autumn and winter months, now is a great time to choose your flowering favourites from 4 Seasons!
  • Check in on your veggie garden, arum lilies and agapanthuses for snails during April. With all this gardening you can start a compost bin during the lockdown! Mix your fruit waste, egg shells, vegetable peelings, weeds, leaves, prune cuttings, deadheads and grass cuttings all together. 

Remember, Wednesday the 22nd April is Earth Day – so be sure to celebrate by planting a tree or some spekboom!

What to Plant

  • April is the perfect month to prep for a flourish of colour by planting spring-flowering bulbs like chincherinchee, Lachenalia, Ixias, watsonias, tritonia and sparaxis. Plant them in well-drained soil and keep them moist at root level. Be sure to feed these with bulb food every two weeks for maximum flowering. 
  • It’s also a great time to plant calendulas, primulas, pansies and violas. 
  • You can harvest your potatoes, beetroot and carrots. 
  • While you’re lockdown, have a look at your garden and plan some landscaping. Now is the best time to do it and then when the shutdown ends you can get to 4 Seasons and add shrubs and trees to your garden. 

What to Sow

  • Sow your sweet peas, broad beans, cabbage, cauliflower and carrots this month too. Don’t forget to buy and plant Namaqualand daisies now because when you see them in full, glorious bloom, you will regret not sowing them in your own garden! 
  • Livingstone daisy or Bokbaaivygie is another firm favourite for many gardeners. These daisy-like blooms can be sown in a sunny spot and their iridescent colours are sure to be very uplifting in your garden! 
  • Primulas and pansies are best sown in trays and transplanted into the garden later, but will look gorgeous in potted containers or hanging baskets. Pansies are the most cheerful for Winter and Spring colour!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page (@4SeasonsGardenCentre) for gardening tips and hacks during this month’s lockdown and should you need something desperately, contact Nicol personally on WhatsApp!