Gardening: the best type of workout! 

While we may be in lockdown, gardening is not cancelled and we have the best opportunity to get into the garden during the next few weeks! 

You may have been putting off the odd job here and there until the holiday but seeing as self-isolating means we now have lots of time on our hands, it’s a nice way to spend time in a garden, on your balcony, or even gardening indoors. Not only can you get all your gardening tasks done, you can get a great workout done – great for your body and your mental health! 

There are many benefits to gardening including burning calories. Yes, you heard right, digging, raking, weeding – it’s all considered to be moderate exercise by the American Heart Association, and you can easily burn the same number of calories gardening as you would at the gym!  Gardening can also help improve dexterity and strength, muscle mass, aerobic endurance, and functional movement.

Gardeners know that gardening is therapeutic. Beyond burning calories, scientists have found that spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and wellbeing. With all that is going on right now, it’s normal to feel anxious, sad and angry. The garden is the best place to find peace and tranquility, so make it your safe haven and practice mindfulness during this lockdown. 

So you’re in your own garden, ready to get dirty. Let’s make the most of it!

Being confined to your home and house unlocks hours of extra free time. It’s the perfect opportunity to weed undesirable plants out. Manual weeding is the ultimate choice for your garden, since it avoids all sorts of chemicals and herbicides. You can also do some raking, mulching and clean up your beds – believe us – its the workout you need right now!

Now is also the time to have a look at your garden and plan how you want to redesign it with paving, trees, shrubs and beds. Give it some thought and map it out. You can also go through our monthly garden task lists while you have the time! 

So why not turn couch potatoes into real potatoes this lockdown? Stay safe in this time, stay positive, send virtual hugs and happy gardening!