As you know indoor plants have become a major decor trend in 2019. These days, people are opting to bring greenery indoors, using plants as their decor inspiration.

Be it hanging, standing, against the wall or in the middle of the room, there are tons of ways to display indoor plants and make them a feature in the home or office, but you’ll need to decide on a few things first …

What plants are best suited for my space?

There is an indoor plant for every type of room and light, but you’ll need to assess your space. Be sure to plan where you want your indoor plants before heading off to go buy them as the light and air circulation should determine the best plant for the area. Ask yourself, is there a nearby draft or some circulation of air in the room? How hot or cold does the area get? Is there indirect or direct sunlight, and how much?

For low lighting, consider a Pothos, Ivy, Anthurium, Philodendron, Peace Lily or Spider Plant. In rooms with lots of light an Aloe Vera, Jade Plant, Snake Plant, Croton, String of Pearls or Palm could live happily. For spaces with adequate to medium lighting you could choose anything from Bird’s nest fern or African Violet to a Ficus or Rubber Tree!

While you may be overwhelmed with choices, you could also choose your indoor plant based on its style. Depending on your home, your plants may either stand out from the rest of your decor and add a pop of colour or set the tone for the colour scheme of your home. Think about the colour scheme of the plants you wish to incorporate, are they dark greens, light limes or purples? Colourful flowers, small leaves or succulents?

Aside from the fact that indoor plants can brighten up any space, they also have a number of other benefits. In addition to producing oxygen, studies show that indoor plants can absorb harmful toxins, purify and increase the overall moisture content in the air, leading to increased productivity, positive mood, enriched health and better sleep! This can also be a deciding factor when choosing an indoor plant for the office or bedroom.

How can I display them?

Once you’ve chosen your plant or plants (the more the merrier!) your imagination can pretty much run wild! These days there are absolutely no rules to how you can display indoor plants be it in a bucket, an old coffee tin, hanging from a moss ball or growing against the wall – just about anything green goes!

Will your plant be hanging from the ceiling, against the wall or standing in a trendy potstand? When deciding on the display and choosing your pot, think about the colour scheme and plant type wisely. Once you know the colour scheme, you can make a statement in the home from a decor stand point by choosing a bold pot. Big, geometric prints on pots make the plant stand out so much more than a plain colour, but a classic pot can also accentuate the plant!

What about the kitchen?

If you want more than just a pretty face, herbs are a great way to add some greenery to the kitchen. Edible herbs can add colour and ensure you use organic and fresh herbs in your cooking. Having the ingredients right there at your disposal is a sure way to use them and make an incredibly delicious meal while you’re at it!

Have we convinced you? If you’re inspired to join in on the trend for your home or office we encourage you to visit 4 Seasons Garden Centre to browse our new range of indoor plants this month! Be sure to check our Facebook page for more gardening tips and hacks!