With the cooler afternoon’s, working in the garden during the winter months can be a lovely time outdoors. Frost and cold fronts may be detrimental to your garden, but it also brings the opportunity to clean-up, re-arrange and revamp your garden while its in it’s bare state.

Here are some great revamp tips for the garden in need of some TLC:

  1. Lawn recall

In winter your lawn may be looking rather sad and in need of a revamp. Winter in Joburg means the ground will be dry and hard, meaning you’ll need to plan for your reseed/resewing as Spring comes around. If you are keen to sew new grass, preparation is key. Now is the time to remove all the weeds, stones and rock from your lawn, reshape the bedding or shape of your grassed ground, and then compost and manure the soil.It is also important to keep the soil moist and hydrated through the winter.

If you have a shady spot where the grass just wont grow revamp the spot with paving, sleepers, gravel, pebbles or bark chips. This will give the an instant revamp, and add nice texture and variety to your garden.

  1. Let’s landscape 

Feeling like making a serious change to the layout of your garden? Now is the time to do it, before adding new seedlings to the soil. Got a slope? Think about creating levels to your garden using steps, evening out the slope and creating a little pathway. Think about adding a pond, river or water feature to a corner of the yard, or what about a book-nook with a lovely bench and tree? In a large garden you can create a garden-room by planting a bed of screening plants or hedges. Garden-rooms within smaller gardens can be made by using narrow conifers wooden screens for a bit of privacy. Think of the practicality as well as the creativity that landscaping can bring to your garden.

  1. Clean up time

For those who have big trees, hedges or larger shrubs in their garden, winter is the perfect time to give them a good hair-cut and shaped them up a bit before they come back into full green-growth in the spring. By neatening them up in the winter, you save yourself the hard work that comes with pruning in the you the job of pruning them in spring.

  1. Edges and Beds

Winter is the perfect time to neaten up the garden before it starts to flourish again come spring, by straightening out the edges and beddings to your lawn and soil boundaries, you can create a neat and immaculate garden – even in winter.

  1. Weeding

Winter is the perfect time to spend some time weeding in your garden because the weather is just cool enough to be soaking up the sun on a little cushion, plucking weeds.  By doing it now you can be sure to make sure they don’t survive through the winter, and lighten the load of weeding in the spring.

  1. All walled in

Feeling as if you want to hide the walls of your yard a little more? Try creepers and climbers against the wall, or add a lovely wall-mounted water feature to give your garden more depth and less concrete.

  1. Let’s add some colour 

Looking to add some colour to you bland winter garden? Nothing says winter gardening like a lovely little DIY project! Do it the cost effective way by recycling unused garage items, leftover paint can be used to spruce up any old odds and ends such as old tires, teapots, teacups, jars, tins, or even shoes – plant them up to add some colour to your garden! All you need to do is make sure to add some drainage holes, then plant your pot plant of choice and done!

  1. Its all about focal points

If you don’t already have one, creating focal point in your garden is a lovely way to attract eyes to an attractive area of your garden and give your garden structure and style. To create a focal point you need to pick where, what size and what. This could be anything like a water-feature, pond, bench,  wall feature, or a tree. Be sure to match the focal point to the size of your garden.

  1. Maintenance on garden features

While winter is getting the best of the living plants in your garden, now is the perfect time to do some maintenance work on the features in your garden. Be sure to treat your wooden benches, paint your gazebo or trellises and garden statues to give everything a lift and revamp. You can also be creative with colours and textures like the rusted iron effect or chalk paint.

  1. Remove what you need to 

If you have a plant or tree you’ve been needing to move or remove from your garden, winter is the best time to do it as to not harm the rest of your garden’s new growth in the spring. Maybe you have a tree that has been leaning or a shrub you’ve been dying to rid, be sure to call the nearest tree-removal specialist or landscaper for some help.