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Moved to a new home? Not much of a gardener? Or just needing some expert advice? 

Not to worry – 4 Seasons Garden & Lifestyle Centre offers on-site advice with an expert gardener & landscaper, to help you create the leafy utopia you’ve always dreamed of! 

Arrange a one-hour consultation with Nicol and you can discuss your gardening dreams, challenges, issues and have someone give you real advice and the means to accomplish your gardening goals. 

How we can help:

Advise on drought-friendly gardens and cost-effective water saving efforts. 

Creating an indigenous garden. 

Landscaping for awkward and odd shaped yards. 

Creating a focal point, texture and levels within your garden. 

Caring advice for specific trees or plants in need. 

Lawn care and help with tough grass ‘bald-spots’. 

Advising on alien plant species and removal. 

We charge a sum of R350* for an hour landscaping & gardening consultation, payable in store or via EFT. at any of our branches.

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*This fee varies depending on address & area of Heidelberg and surrounding areas.