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1124A lovely busy month is ahead, so start planning straight away. Immediately one thinks of bulbs and pansy’s.

Plant all the bulbs that you want to flower in spring. ??Sow seeds and plant annual plants for spring flowering ??Before planting your seeds it is necessary to prepare your beds?with compost, superphosphates and bone meal. ??Have a vegetable and flower garden, sow your vegetable and flower seeds. ??Summer is drawing to a close and your lawn needs to be fed?before winter arrives. ??Planning to plant new roses vines, and fruit trees??Prepare the holes where you intend to plant them with mature manure, superphosphates and bone meal. ??Have you been wanting take cuttings of your favourite roses and and shrubs. Now is the time to do it. Dip all cuttings in Seradix rooting hormone powder before planting them in pots.